The Angelenos by Andrae Steed

Jul 21 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Surety Hotel • Surety Solarium and Courtyard

Join us for a captivating evening at the Surety Hotel as we host “The Angelenos by Andrae Steed,” a showcase celebrating the art of street photography. Immerse yourself in the raw and candid essence of urban life captured by the talented Andrae Steed.

Andrae Steed is a passionate street photographer renowned for his ability to transform ordinary scenes into compelling visual narratives. His work explores the dynamic interplay between people and their environments, revealing the hidden stories within the city’s heartbeat. Through high contrast and evocative compositions, Andrae invites viewers to see the world through a fresh and intimate lens, celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Enjoy the stunning collection of Andrae’s published photography, “The Angelenos,” in the contemporary setting of the Surety Solarium and Courtyard. Enjoy live music, small bites for purchase, brews + bubbles at the cash bar, and everything in between.

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, July 21

Time: 6 PM – 9 PM

Location: Surety Solarium and Courtyard

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to appreciate the artistry of Andrae Steed and enjoy an evening of live music in a stylish and vibrant setting. Join us at Surety Hotel for a summer evening, ignited by the inspiring perspectives of Andrae.


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