Saturday AM Yoga with Molly Feeney

Apr 27 10:00am - 11:00am

Surety Hotel

Today’s yoga will be located in the second floor Midland room at Surety Hotel.

We are excited to collaborate with local Yoga teacher, Molly Feeney on her Saturday AM yoga sessions at Surety Hotel.

Molly, a seasoned practitioner with a decade-long yoga journey, radiates a passion for holistic well-being. Her immersion in yoga began as a personal odyssey, blossoming into a vocation after completing her teacher training in 2019. With grace and expertise, Molly seamlessly intertwines ten years of yoga practice with a rich dance background spanning ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop—15 years of movement mastery that laid the foundation for her current yogic endeavors.

Her classes, both group sessions and private 1 on 1 experiences, are imbued with a unique blend of fluidity and strength, inspired by her diverse dance heritage. Molly’s confident and body-positive approach stems from the roots of her childhood dance training, where she discovered comfort and empowerment in movement. As she delves into the world of Brazilian zouk dance, Molly’s commitment to her lifelong yoga practice remains unwavering.

Join Molly on the mat for a journey that extends beyond postures, fusing mindful movement with a celebration of the body’s capabilities. Embrace the harmony of movement and breath and discover the transformative power of a practice that echoes the rhythm of a life dedicated to well-being.

This class is $5. Venmo @molly-feeney in advance or at the door. See you there!