Silent Disco Breath + Ecstatic Dance

Jul 29 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Surety Hotel • Surety Hotel

Female Dancing with silent spirit headphones on with glitter on her face at Surety's silent disco

About the Event

Spend an evening getting out of your head and into your body using breathwork and ecstatic dance!

The word “breathwork” encompasses a wide variety of different conscious breathing techniques. Haley will guide you into a deeply connected state where you’ll get totally present and release the chaos of the mind. You’ll be safely held and experience a rush of feel-good bliss chemicals – getting naturally high on your own breath!

Ecstatic dance and movement is a perfect way to release any remaining stuck energy. It is a practice to explore moving your body freely, in space free of judgement or expectation.  Silent disco headphones block out any external distractions and create a deeply intimate audio experience, where YOU get to control the volume!

When you practice breathwork + ecstatic dance together, you might:

  • Experience an rush of positive energy
  • Feel alive and full of vitality
  • Release tension + stress
  • Smile hard and often
  • Induce inner peace and relaxation

Session will open with a introduction + sharing circle. We will discuss the type of breathwork we will be using (long, slow, deep, rhythmic breath). After we discuss the type of breathwork we will then spend about 30 minutes in a breathwork practice and then slowly move into the ecstatic dance where there are no rules and you can move your body however you want.

There will be time for community and connection after. Ecstatic dance is where you can FIND other like-minded individuals who want to have fun in a substance-free way. If you are finding yourself becoming more spiritual, you’ll need a community of souls who are going through similar experiences – and you will find them HERE.

You are invited to:

  • Wear loose fitting clothes you can easily move and sweat in
  • Bring a meditation cushion or firm pillow for a more comfortable seat, yoga mat or blanket, water.
  • Message Haley with any questions you have about breathwork + ecstatic dance

Soy You Want a Candle will be popping up! There will be candles, incense, space sprays, and Zig Zag pillar candles available for purchase.

**Haley is a 500hr meditation and yoga teacher who has trained with an emphasis on Himalayan breathwork and kriya. Read more about her here.

(Event will take place on the 2nd floor in the Midland room)