Love Letters Drink Collab with Ballet Des Moines

Mar 09

Surety Hotel • Des Moines

Introducing ‘Love Letters’ — a cocktail with a cause, crafted in collaboration with Ballet Des Moines. Sip on the vibrant blend of cranberry-infused gin, green tea, rose honey, lemon, and soda as we celebrate the upcoming production “Love Letters,” a poignant tribute to the LGBT+ community of Iowa by Tom Mattingly.

As we stir and shake, Mulberry Street Tavern becomes part of the narrative, echoing the artistry and emotion of the ballet. Available from February 14th until March 9th, each cocktail is an invitation to toast to love, in all its forms.

Ballet Des Moines elevates the conversation with a call to the LGBTQ+ community to pen love letters to themselves – past or future. These heartfelt words will become the heartbeat of a new work by the gifted choreographer and Artistic Director, Tom Mattingly.

Join us in this unique celebration of love and legacy at Mulberry Street Tavern and be sure to catch the world premiere of “Love Letters” on March 8th and 9th at Hoyt Sherman Place.

Raise a glass to love, art, and the stories we share.

Learn more about “Love Letters”, a production by Ballet Des Moines here.