Iron Somm, Winefest

Apr 12 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Surety Hotel • Krause Gateway Center

Get ready for the return of Des Moines’ most thrilling culinary showdown – Iron Somm!

Experience the excitement this year at Krause Gateway Center for this exciting competition!

Join us as 2-time reigning Iron Somm Rae Doyle from Surety Hotel defends her title against challenger sommelier Sam Tuttle from Oak Park in this electrifying battle of wine pairings.

Enjoy a five-course meal prepared by:

• Aaron Holt, Doolittle Farms
• Jacob Schroeder, Crafted Food Services
• Chef Emila Zenkovic and Chef Maddie Sudder, Allora
• Chef Alix Brower, Dore Bakery

Immerse yourself in our exclusive competition, where each sommelier selects wines they believe perfectly complement each course. As you indulge in the courses, you cast your vote for the most impeccable pairing. Only your palate can help decide whose wine pairing is paramount!

Join us for an amazing night and help crown our next Iron Somm!

Ages 21+